My services

Here’s how I can assist you:
✔ Your offering is impressive, but you’re unsure how to convince your visitors – I’ll help you craft persuasive narratives that resonate.
✔ You’re experiencing high traffic but low conversions or rising ad costs are melting your profits – I’ll optimize your funnel to convert more visitors into buyers or subscribers.
✔ Your business thrives on profitable transactions and you want to optimize the customer journey – I’ll help you extract more value at every touchpoint.
✔ Your conversion rate is lagging behind your competitors, or you want to boost it because your Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) is too high – I’ll implement strategies to improve your conversion rate and reduce your CPA.
✔ You have web analytics in place, but no one can make sense of the data – I’ll turn your data into actionable insights.
✔ You’ve landed THE project, but lack the right people on board (partners/agency/white label) – I’ll help you assemble a high-performing team.

Here’s what I offer for both B2B and B2C:
✔ Conversion Copywriting: Effective and psychologically grounded sales copy for your ads, USPs, newsletters, landing pages, product or job descriptions, video scripts, and webinars.
✔ Conversion Audits and Consultation for your homepage, landing page, portal, or shop.
✔ Conversion Rate Optimization, including A/B testing for sites with sufficient traffic (I’m happy to bring in a developer if needed).
✔ User Acquisition and Retention: Creative and converting performance advertising strategies with a strong focus on direct response, designed to not only attract but also retain users, optimizing your advertising spend.

Customers of different industries and sizes

In den letzten Jobs hat Stefan uns bei Conversion Optimierung und Usability Design unterstützt. Habe dabei selbst viel lernen können. Klasse. Ganze klar: Beste Empfehlung!

Winfried WengenrothGeschäftsführer ONMA Online Marketing GmbH

Die Videoanalyse war psychologisch mega fundiert!

Georg WeingartnerInhaber Five Senses Film