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Here’s advice from a German conversion copywriter.

Dear Searcher for a German Conversion Copywriter in Germany,

first and foremost I would like to apologize for typing German Conversion Copywriter all over again. But as we both know what you are looking for, search engines do not. So we have to tell them with the stubbornness of a woodpecker.

And what should I say? Since you found me, that worked out pretty well for us. Back to that copywriting thing…

There’s a little problem with the advertising of companies just like yours in Germany…

…and if you want to expand to Germany with success you should better leave your copy at home. Here’s why ⏬

The challenges of a Copywriter in Germany (with a direct response or conversion approach)

Germans are hard to get

If you think Germans are rigid you are damn right.

Germans follow Prussian virtues and they don’t know it. Even though nobody’s wearing spiked helmets anymore, we believe in honesty, punctuality (a biggie) and that everything needs to be in order. Ordnung is like religion. It’s our piece of mind.

This agnostic audience is not a great fit for cheesy sales copy. And I guess that’s why copywriting developed in a very strange way here in Germany…

Two types of German Copywriters

You want to be aware of both

So how can you persuade us control freaks?

In Germany we find a lot of well paid beani wearing brand copywriters. They write these Coca-Cola like advertisements that are super clever and entertaining. But if people are busy clapping their hands they are not able to dig out their Mastercards…

I guess you are here to sell right? So you better avoid clever copy.

What about the other guys then?

Well the 2nd species is basically writing texts. Texters (how we call them) are not so generously paid. They get a few pennies fore every word. That’s why some started to read David Ogilvy and began to call themselves copywriters. Now you have to decide: If you paint black stripes on a white horse, is it a zebra or still a white horse? 🦓

Yes, sometimes they are wary of a call to action. But that’s it.

How can I find a German conversion copywriter?

Not as easy but still possible though

I can help you to express english sales copy in German words to see whopping results. Here are my pros at a glance:

  • >150 hrs of training in copywriting and conversion rate optimization
  • Successful campaigns in both B2C and B2B markets. Real estate, pharma, finance, tax, consulting and more
  • Army officer (quite hands-on and reliable)

If you want me to persuade the Germans in your favor hit me up on LinkedIn or drop me a line right here.

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Short break
Agree? Sometimes you need an outsiders help.


This is how I can support marketing executives in Germany and abroad…

Copywriting & Research

Analytics Audit

Google Ads

Landing Page Konzept

Conversion Rate Optimization

Content Marketing

Now it's your turn

I guess now it’s your time to decide. Do you want ca$h or zebras?

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About your German Conversion Copywriter

The world needs more trial and error.

I’m into conversion copywriting because you can see actual results of creative ideas (and a lot of research though).

Sometimes I listen to baroque music with a glass of soul from the chianti region. I studied economic history and was fellow of the German national merit foundation. Learning new things is the spice of everyday life.

I absorbed dozens of copywriting books and passed more than 150 hrs of copywriting and conversion optimization knowledge from German educators, and Texas based Digital Marketer and CXL institute.
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